What are some of the things you should not store in the garage? Remember, your garage is a really different zone for you. It is not like your house that can be temperature controlled, enclosed with weather stripping, have sealed windows, and secured doors along with insulation.

Instead, garages end up damp, and musky, prone to pests, frigid in the winters, and a little sweltering in the summers. And this is why even when the garage offers valuable storage space in the house, there are some things that you cannot store in the garages.

Most house owners would be guilty of storing the paint cans in the garages! Just for the sake of keeping them away from the house space. Although you might think that it is fine, the garage has no place for the paint cans. Remember, that your paint cans are delicate formulas of chemicals. They are manufactured with a specific need of temperature, humidity, and uses. So, you need to make sure to offer the right environment to the right.

Oily Rags
Even when the oily rags might look harmless, storing them in the garage might not be a good option. Oily rags are the most common and spontaneous cause behind the combustion in the garage which occurs when the oil-soaked rags are kept in hot and really stuffy areas. It acts as a catalyst for deadly fires too.

There are specific containers in which you can store these oily rags without an issue to avoid contact with the garage and other items. They are a much better place than the heat-prone garages. Make sure that the container is small, and made out of non-combustible materials to prevent any combustion.

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