Garage Door Sales

Brampton region is known for its beautiful houses. This city of gardens has its fair share of vehicles which need parking. And every home owner requires a well built yet beautiful door that matches the home architecture.

At Peel Garage Doors, we install the best garage doors from various manufacturers. The idea is to create the most beautiful exterior that suits your home. If you have an outdated garage door that makes your home look hideous in the neighbourhood, you can simply give us a call to take a look at the various options for the doors. Install a brand new system that is in sync with the times.

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Professional Installation with a Touch of Style

Professional installation of garage doors ensures that modern doors are aptly installed with minimum variations. Such projects are not a do-it-yourself and thus require the perfect professional touch. When you call our professionals for garage door installation, we help you in selecting the right door as per the style and architecture of your home. You will be given a host of options from various manufacturers.

You can easily add a touch of personality to your home by installing the relevant garage door. The front of the home is incomplete without the perfect door. We install both commercial and residential garage doors along with various accessories as required. From openers to panel colors, we help you select the best accessories to go with the door.

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Garage Door Installation for Homes

Garage doors almost make up for around 40% of your home’s exteriors. That is a lot of real estate to make or break an impression. We leave no stone unturned in getting you the door of your dreams. Our expert installers have the right blend of experience and style guidance to suggest you many options that will best meet your safety requirements as well as style quotient. Peel Garage Doors in Brampton is the go-to-source for those looking to invest in custom garage doors.

No job is too big or too small for our team of technicians. Whether you are looking for a modern door or simply an energy-efficient insulated door, consult our team for the right suggestions.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial garage doors signify the right choice for many industry related requirements. These are ideal for businesses that seek security along with style and performance. Made from heavy duty steel, these doors are energy efficient, sturdy and reliable products.