Replacing Lost or Stolen Garage Door Remotes: What to Do NextLosing or having your garage door remote stolen can be a stressful experience. However, with Peel Garage Doors, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to take when faced with the unfortunate situation of a missing garage door remote. Rest assured, regaining control of your garage access is easier than you think.

Report the Loss or Theft

The first thing to do is report the loss or theft to your local authorities. While a garage door remote may seem like a minor item, it’s essential to document the incident, especially if it’s part of a more considerable security concern. This step ensures that you have a record of the incident and can take appropriate action if needed.

Identify Your Garage Door Opener Model

Peel Garage Doors offers a variety of garage door openers, each with unique features and functionalities. It will help if you determine your garage door opener’s model to replace a misplaced or stolen remote. This information is usually available in the user manual or the opener itself.

Contact Peel Garage Doors Customer Support

Once you’ve identified your garage door opener model, contact Peel Garage Doors customer support. You can get help from our helpful and amiable staff in locating an appropriate spare remote for the particular opener model you own. Be ready to provide them with the necessary information, such as the opener model and other relevant details.

Purchase a Replacement Remote

Peel Garage Doors offers a seamless process for purchasing replacement remotes. Whether buying in person or online, you can easily find and order the remote that matches your garage door opener model. Our remotes are designed to be user-friendly, making the syncing process quick and hassle-free.

Program the New Remote

Once you have your new Peel Garage Doors remote, programming it to work with your garage door opener is straightforward. To get help, either follow the user manual’s directions or contact our customer support. You’ll regain control of your garage access quickly with just a few simple steps.

Losing a garage door remote is undoubtedly an inconvenience, but the solution is within reach with Peel Garage Doors. You can smoothly navigate obtaining and programming a replacement remote by promptly reporting the loss, identifying your opener model, and contacting our customer support. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your garage is secure, thanks to Peel Garage Doors – your trusted partner in garage door solutions.