Garage Door A garage door weather seal is the last thing that comes into your mind but plays a significant role in your door performance. A high-quality weather seal protects your garage from rain, snow and harsh weather conditions.

A door always leaves an inch from upside, bottom or sides which make the weather to creep in but a weather seal stops it. If weatherstrip damages or gets crack, it may allow the rainwater to enter in your garage.

Better Insulation

A weatherstrip not only prevents weather effects but also helps to maintain the ideal temperature in your garage. It locks the cool air inside during summer and keeps your place warmer in during winter. Thus, you can save on energy bills.

Which Garage Door Need Weatherstrip?

Every garage door could use a weather seal to grab the benefits it offers. It is good if your garage door has proper weather stripping. Otherwise, install the weatherstripping if you have knowledge about this or consult with garage door services provider to fix it.

Inspect The Weather Stripping For Damage

Check your garage door’s weather seal at least twice in a year. For this, pay attention to the edges of your door, ensuring it is getting closed. Inspect the areas between the door and sections that line the bottom of your door. Detect:

  • If the light is passing through
  • If you can feel the breeze from outside or inside of your door.
  • If any section or piece is cracked or missed in texture

On noticing these signs, contact the garage door technicians at Peel Garage Doors to replace the weather seal as soon as possible. We are the one-stop solution for entire problems related to all makes and models of garage doors in Brampton.