Garage Door Services

A garage door is a very useful and important part of your property and one should look after it wisely. A garage door is not only used to park your vehicle but to store a lot of items for regular use. However, there are certain restriction to it too!

You just can’t take store anything in the garage. There are a lot of things which if stored, will get spoiled over the period of time or invite some unwanted trouble. So, make sure you don’t store any of the following items to avoid any discomfort.

Things Not To Store In Your Garage:-


Storing food items in the garage not only has chances of it getting spoiled but also inviting pests. Garage hosts a different kind of temperature than your home and can spoil your food items in harsh summers or winters. Moreover, it will attract a lot of pests inside your garage, who will consider it as their food source and lead to more trouble.


One more thing which pests would love to have in your garage is the cardboard. Pests love to make home in there and you might not even get to know, when that home becomes a big colony for them.One should go for pest free plastic bins to be on the safer side.


Propane tanks have the tendency to get ignited, when the temperature is high. This can lead to an explosion, which can be very dangerous for you and your family members. It is not sensible to store such an item, which can pose a risk to your life.


A clutter of things can be home to a lot of insects and pests. These pests love to hide in the clutter and make a shelter for themselves. If these pests are living in the garage, the other things of the garage are likely to get affected too! Instead, store such things outside the garage.


Paint is very useful in making your home & garage look beautiful but can get spoiled easily if not stored properly. Most of the owners store the leftover paint in the garage. It will eradicate very quickly in harsh summers and won’t last long either in winters. So, it is advisable not to get such expensive things exposed to high temperatures.

Paintings or Photographs

If paint can get spoiled in the garage, so can the paintings. Paint in the picture can contract or expand, when exposed to high temperature. Similarly, photographs are also prone to such affects during a high temperature.

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