Homeowners with the attached garages are always concerned about the security of their homes. And why not, after all it’s their home, and it makes sense to put every possible effort to protect your home and family. People know how to stay safe around the garage door opener. Or how to avoid accidents while operating the door. But, they are often ignorant when it comes to the security of their garage and home.

Here are a few things that you should consider to ensure the security of your garage:


  • Make sure your door to the interior of your home is robust and reliable. Go for a solid wood door or reinforced steel. This is necessary for an additional layer of security between the garage and the home.
  • Installing a deadbolt on the interior door is also a good idea. It might be a headache for some people to wait for 5 seconds to get into the house. But, this little inconvenience is totally worth as it secures your property.
  • Never ever leave your garage door open. This could be an invitation for the intruders. No matter how secure your neighborhood is, it is not good to advertise what you have for the taking.
  • If you have windows in your garage door, use some sort of cover or frosting spray to keep it covered. Again, you don’t want criminals to see what you have for them.
  • Spotlighting the area around your garage is a really good idea. These days, you can get motion-activated spotlights at affordable prices. It will make difficult for the thief to slink around your garage.
  • Never leave your car keys in the car. This is the one mistake most of the homeowners do. In case, a thief gets access to your garage, he would get your vehicle as well.

All the above tips are very simple and inexpensive. A little vigilance can safeguard you, your house and your family. If you want to ensure the security of your garage, just make us a call. Our garage door experts at Peel Garage Doors will guide you about how to enhance the safety of your garage and home.