Your garage door is one of the biggest moving parts of your home. It is responsible to ensure the safety and security of your vehicles and belongings. So, it is important to ensure the pristine condition of your garage doors. Here, we will suggest some of the best ways to maintain the performance of your doors for years to come.

  1. Look and Listen
    Carefully listen to your garage door and observe it. A thorough inspection is necessary to catch the potential signs of damage at the early stage. Look for loose rollers and tighten them. Call a professional if any part is damaged or need immediate replacement.
  2. Clean and Lubricate Your Rollers
    If your door is creating weird noises, then clean the rollers properly. Once cleaned, apply a good quality lubricant to ensure their smooth function. You can also lubricate the other moving parts of the door.
  3. Replace Weather Sealant
    Weather sealant is essential to ensure your door’s energy-efficient. It is attached to the bottom of the door and doesn’t allow pests, dust and water inside. Check the sealant for any crack or split, if it is so, replace them immediately.
  4. Safety Check
    Garage door installation and maintenance will ensure the safety of your home. Always check safety features of the door. The auto reverse function should work perfectly as it can help avoid accidents.
  5. Keep it Clean
    Always keep your garage door clean to prevent rust from setting in. You can use a dish soap or any gentle detergent with lukewarm water to wash the door. Power rinse the door and let it dry. Once it is dry, apply car wax on the door.

All these tips will help maintain your door and save hundreds of dollars down the lane. For more help, you can contact our professionals at Peel Garage Doors.