4 Essential Garage Door Components That Need Timely Lubrication

If you want to regulate the factors of efficiency and durability, then it’s necessary to properly maintain whole garage door components. With irregular lubricating, the door components can become dirty and rusty which further cause problem in opening and closing. In order to maintain high functionality of your garage door, all you need is to buy a decent garage door lubricant. Although it’s small price to protect the elements, you make sure to never pick the wrong lubricant as it can also damage your door system.

Below are the garage door components that require proper lubrication on regular basis:

  1. Springs
    A torsion spring of garage door needs to be lubricate on regular basis. The garage door springs store a vast amount of energy to handle the garage door and its improper maintenance can cause a serious injury.
  2. Rollers
    The role of the rollers is to make the door go up and down in the tracks. If you find your rollers giving screeching and scraping noise, then prefer to lubricate them.
  3. Hinges
    Garage door hinges allow smooth folding and unfolding of the door sections. If you neglect to lubricate the hinges, then these can put extra pressure on the rollers, tracks, and opener to work hard.
  4. Tracks
    One must clean the tracks on regular basis to eliminate any build up that might be interfering with door’s gentle glide. There is no need to lubricate the tracks but one must clean them to ensure the proper door’s functionality.

Once you have lubricated all your garage doors, must lift it up and down to check its functionality. If you still receive a scratching sound from the door, hire a garage door repairing and installation services at Peel Garage Doors for proper inspection.